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The Alpha Marriage Course


The church organised the Alpha Marriage Course (which ended last weekend) recently. This is an 8/9 weeks course (how forgetful, I've forgotten). As many as 13 couples signed up for it. The course was held in Royale Bintang.

The backdrop....the date changes every week.

The content showing the topics for each week. The first week was the introductory course and the last week was the celebration cum graduation course. (not listed in the content).

The participants listened to watch a video on the appropriate topic conducted by Nicky and his wife Sila. In between, the video will paused for discussion between the couples. It is totally private and confidential.


Sila Lee...

The course starts with dinner. As this is held in a hotel, there is not much work for the helpers in this area except we did try to serve the participants coffee during the discussion time but later found it better to have the professionals doing it. So the waiters/waitresses took over.

The is supposed to be romantic; candle lights with dim lights. Very nice. When I was the participant many years ago, it was held in the Youth Center. The helpers had a lot of work to do preparing the ambience.


So this is how it is like....a romantic dinner.

Participants were given nametags like this.

This whole course was handled and coordinated by Justine and Eric Ting. At the time this picture was taken; Eric was away for a month....Justine had to managed on her own.

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