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998,RJ 1/1,
Taman Rasah Jaya,
70300 Seremban

Wesley Methodist Church Seremban,

380, Jalan Kenanga 1,

Taman Bukit Chedang,

70300 Seremban.

Dear Pastor Paul,

Letter Of Thanks and Report Of My Jeremiah School Experience

As you can see, I'm back from JS!!! And it's all thanks to everyone in the LCEC for sponsoring me that I was able to have this experience. In JS, I've learnt all sorts of things that have helped me become a stronger person in Christ and a better leader. We had sessions on certain topics that we wouldn't usually hear about in a normal setting such as spiritual warfare and Malaysia Terkini. Living in a Christian community for 6 weeks is totally different from just spending a few hours in church and I'm glad that I have had this exposure. As a community, we learnt to deal with conflicts and make decisions with the consent of everyone involved and not just those few people who speak the loudest.

In JS, I was given the opportunity to lead my group that was going to Ayer Tawar Church and to help organize some of the activities we did when visiting churches. I believe this has helped build up my confidence. In effect, my leadership abilities have grown more than in the past 5 years. Besides that, my mentoring group in JS helped me talk through many things of which I was uncertain. Listening to them talk about their roles in church and the different ways they handle things inspired me a lot and I can only hope to be as effective in my position as this year's MYF president.

During mission week, our skills in conversational ministry were really tested as we were given the task of going around the town of Teluk Intan and talking to the people there to find out the history and physical mapping of the town. This was a very intimidating task as I'm not used to going up to random people and talking to them. Thank God I had friends who understood and helped me during this process.  

All in all, going for JS is a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. I sincerely hope that more people from our church will have the opportunity to go for it as it really helped me become a better person overall and being around 23 of my Christian peers has really impacted me to want to strive for Christ in everything I do.

Please convey my thanks to the LCEC for sponsoring me. I shall do my very best to help the MYF in every way.

Yours sincerely,

Katherine Lim Yue Li

cc: Lay leader, LCEC Chairman

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